Clinicell Anti Aging and Whitening Essence

Hello dearies~
I had received a parcel from Hishop last few weeks, guess what is it? It's a beauty drink and also is my first time to try this kind of drink. Poor student how to get extra money to buy beauty drink, am I right? So I really happy when I received this parcel, finally I can try ! Yeah !

The beauty drink I get is Clinicell, is a strange brand for me but I willing to give it a try. First of all, I make sure it is natural and safe to drink because I afraid of some side effects such as insomnia, rapid heartbeat, skin irritation and so on but the the box is printed "We are using 100% all natural active ingredients to ensure your health and beauty experience is safe with maximum result. Feel the difference with two weeks." After I saw this, I was just like relax and my worry-ness gone.

The benefits of Clinicell:
- skin whitening
- anti aging
- anti oxidant
- firms up skin
- protects skin from UV
- improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself
- reduces wrinkles and pigmentation
- reduces freckles and pimples
- help to strengthen hair
- reduces joint and muscle pain
- strengthen brittle nails
- Protects body cell against free radicals activity and cell related disease such as cancer, parkinson and stroke

Direction of use:
Empty content of sachet into 150 ml lukewarm water (40 degree Celsius- 60 degree Celsius) or cold water. Stir and serve.

Pour the powder into a glass.

Fill the glass with 150 ml lukewarm water.

Stir and serve.

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Lets see the BEFORE skin condition of my face *naked face* shy
As you can see, I got pimple acne, this acne already with me for half year, really pek cek >.<
I also have freckles since I still very small, so sometime I need to put on think makeup only can cover the freckles. Haiz.. How I wish I have a fair face and just go out without makeup or light makeup...

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I really feel my face brighten after two weeks of consume Clinicell !! 
The pimple acne also reduce and lighten up already. Yeah ! I so happy and satisfied with the result !I not sure the freckles got lighten up or not because it is hard to see it within two weeks times. I really love this product, I hope I can continue to consume it until all my freckles hilang but I can't due to budget. Haiz...

Hi, flawless skin.

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  1. To be a girl really mafan, need to consume so many products to stay pretty! Anyway stay pretty and radiant babe!

    1. Not just to stay pretty but also to keep slim and fit /.\

  2. great product, I can see difference :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)

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