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Hi, dearies. My last blog post was on last week since I didn't have time to write review because I have my semester final exam on next week  until 20th September. I have to do my revision and pass year paper this few weeks. I am so tired but when I received my HiShop Beauty Box on last Friday, its totally cheer me up.

This free beauty box is given by HiShop Malaysia to HiShop Beauty Ambassador for free testing and review purpose. Normally, I use my pocket money to purchased for beauty box but this the first time I get beauty box in absolutely FOC ! Thanks HiShop and Mabel !

Let's see what I get for my beauty box ! =D

1. Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex With Squalene RM119.00
2. Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack  (Price depend on package) 
3. Beauty Clinic Mediheal- Overlab Orange Mandarin Real Powder Mask RM9.90 ×2 sheets

Total 5 items in my box. All products are sponsored by HiShop Malaysia.

Today I going to talk about Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack.

I had tried this. I had so many this type of products in my collection but I never have such effective experience in my collection. I like to buy this type of products so I had more than 5 but it never worked. When I received this nose pack and I though that it won't have any effect on my nose but my assumption was totally wrong !

First, I just have fewer blackheads on my nose and it is stubborn blackheads that I had tried so much of products but it never worked on my nose so I decided to let my bf try it to avoid of wasted because just have 1 pieces.

I put the step 1 on my bf nose for 10 minutes and inside the packaging still have remaining serum so I took a plain nose mask and soaked it in the packaging to absorb the serum and put on my nose too. After 10 minutes, my bf take off the nose mask and he try to press his nose and the blackheads come out so easy ! He told me some blackheads in certain area not easy to be press out by using fingers or whatever products. OMG ! I see him press out so many of the blackheads. This is the first product that really effective and worked on my bf nose ! Now he can get rid of blackheads ! Yeah !

And after that I put the step 2 on my bf nose for 10 minutes too. His big pores minimized ! Wow ! How effective the product is !

Below is the before and after pictures of the application of my bf:

Now is my turn.

As I said just now, I just had fewer blackheads and some very very stubborn blackheads. Never had products worked on my nose to clear off the blackheads but thanks to Skinmiso revive my confidence. After the first step, I just simply press my nose and the stubborn blackheads been squeezed out so easy ! Unbelievable ! Now the stubborn blackheads disappeared !

My before and after pictures of the application:

It's really worked and effective. For those who want to get rid of your blackheads, I'm highly recommend Skinmiso ! You will never feel regret.

Would I buy this products?
Yes! Absolutely will ! I will buy for myself and my bf too !

Stay tuned for my next review !
Beauty Clinic Mediheal? Dermafal?
Which would be next? =)
To be continue...

Skinmiso come with different packages, you can refer this link for more info:

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  1. Hey Jeisley, thanks so much for the honest review! Glad that you liked the Skinmiso - now I also wanna try it out hehe. :) -Mabel.

    1. Yeah! I like it so much~ I will purchase it since it is so effective! =D
      Thanks Mabel for sponsored such a nice product!

  2. 回复
    1. Yeah! Although its a sponsored product but all my reviews are true and truth! =D