A date with HiShop Malaysia

HiShop [ pronounced as hai-shop ] is an online beauty and cosmetics store. We only carry Genuine Products and we believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere. 100% of HiShop brands are genuine and sourced directly from the brand distributors. 

I was chosen by HiShop to joined their Affiliate programme and to be their Beauty Ambassador. I am so happy and glad ! First of all, I never expected that my application will success because my beauty blog just had 2 blog posts. When I signed in my email and I saw an email sent by HiShop with Congratulation this word, I was like "Yahooooo" and keep on smiling. 

The most happy is I had an opportunity to be their HiShop Beauty Ambassador which I will received free HiShop beauty box for free every month for review purpose. (But I'm not sure I will get every month or not) As a Beauty Ambassador, you will have access to over 130 beauty brands, receive exclusive invitations to try out new beauty products, attend beauty events, participate in giveaways, contests, new launch announcements and more. Wow !!! Great right? You will get some products for review, testing and the most important is FOC !

I wrote this blog post for some reason but this a top secret. =P But I think HiShop Beauty Ambassador will know. Haha. I know HiShop on last Friday and my application get approval on Sunday that make me no time to purchase something from HiShop to write some feedback so I decided to read some blog posts from other beauty blogs to get some idea of HiShop.

As I mentioned above, all products selling in HiShop are genuine and authentic. You can be assured to shop for your products at HiShop. It is safe to use and no fake products here.

I also read that many buyers said they get they products by the next day (except non working days). You can see how efficient HiShop crew is. They had so many customer everyday but they still able to manage their orders so that everyone can received their products as soon as possible. I bet that everyone would like to received their parcels as soon as possible right? I know the feeling when you purchased something with full of expectation.When the parcels delay, you will have feeling like "F*ck". Oh >< I'm so rude.

Ohya! Hishop also ship world wide so customer from oversea can purchase too. 
HiShop also provide cash on delivery service means that you can pay your money when you received your parcel. This service is uncommon in Malaysia but I first see this service is provided by HiShop. But I still prefer online banking service because I live at hostel currently which I need to attend my class sometime so I will missed the parcel. I also can't tell my housemate to collect and sign for me because I don't know when my housemate free. =P

I bet that most of the girl like to collect samples right? You can get 2 samples with any purchases in HiShop. You can choose any 2 samples you want. 

Lastly, I hope I will get selected again although I know my possibility is very low compared to other Beauty Ambassador. I don't have photo captured by myself and no feedback from me. But positive mind is important, never try never know, never give up too !

Thanks for HiShop Malaysia for selecting me to be their Beauty Ambassador !
Sincerely Appreciate it !

Here are the promotion from HiShop, do look for your lovelies products ya =D

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From now till 2 Sept 2013: http://bit.ly/142fDXv

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