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I had received a parcel from Hishop last few weeks, the box contains one nail strip, one nail polish and one toes nail strip. I just tried it yesterday and unbelievable result. At first, I thought that this kind of nail strip or nail sticker are very hard to apply like unbalance,  doesn't fit the nail's shape and so on. But this really easy to apply ! You can just finish all 10 fingers within 30 minutes ! Assume that you go for nail art at nail salon but it normally takes 2-4 hours to complete all 10 nails, am I right?

Benefits of nail strips:
1. Save time (Can done within 30 minutes)
2. Do not need any skills (First time user can done with excellent outcome)
3. No need to wait for the nail polish to dry (No nail polish require)
4. Suitable for urgent case (Example you need to rush to a party but you don't have time to go to nail salon, nail strip is a best choice)
5. Save money (Nail strip is cheaper than you go for nail salon)

I got this design. ^^ I fancy it~

When I decided to try out the nail strip, I wondered could I get an excellent result? I thought it was very difficult to apply on nail because I saw many people cut it to fit the nail shape and size hence lead to over small to fit the nail or cut till bengkok. But , this nail strip perfectly fit my nail shape and size ! I don't need to cut it ! So I just straight apply the strip on my nail without cut it and just finish it around 30 minutes ! Amazing ! Convenient !

This is my nails, actually I don't like to keep long nails so I usually cut it around 2 weeks. But I sacrificed to these nail strip and keep my nails until very long as you can see in my picture.

You just need to select a suitable nail strip that fit to your nail and apply it on your nail. 

The extent nail strip just need to rub the side and it will drop.

This is the outcome I get. ^^

 Easy peasy?? ^^
But somehow I feel it it not enough sticky, because when I accidentally rub my nails it will drop.

I going to buy the nail strip as my CNY nail design. I like it so much ! Something new for me to try !
Please come out with more designs please !

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  1. oh it's so lovely! i see alot of people having orange nail polish too

  2. Cute nails, I'd love to have some too haha.
    Merry Christmas and would you like to follow each other??

    Do let me know [: