Hanna & Kent: Perfect Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask

Hi dearies ! I'm so excited to introduce you a super effective mask. Normally I don't buy mask because I feel that mask does not have any effect to my face. Yeah ! I had try many mask before and I stop to use mask about 1 year cause there are no masks that suit me. I also not believe that cheap mask will give effective and immediate effect to my face.

Before that I had try My beauty diary, Sexylook and even the mask from USA that cost US19.95 per piece but I felt that there are no effect to my face. So previously I didn't purchase mask and most of the mask is a free sample that some seller send to me. I started to buy masks since I started to subscribe for beauty box because sometimes the beauty box will come along with mask.

Now, I would like to introduce you a new brand that is Hanna & Kent. I had try the mask sheet that I received from the seller and this mask is so so so effective that I never try from other mask ! Ohya ! Hanna & Kent is a brand from Malaysia. After I try out the mask only I knew that this is a Malaysia's beauty brand ! Excited ?

This mask packaging is so cute and adorable. When I received the mask, I get impressed by this mask so so much that make me not willing to use it because of it packaging. Let's see the packaging !

Nice is it?

Well ! The mask description is in something like story? Impression? Or maybe a dialogue?
The description is so creative !

I have a really bad hangover... With this hydrating mask and its moisturing and complexion-boosting properties, I am able to rejuvenate my after-party skin. It instantly softens and refines my skin for a clean slate from the all-nighters. 

When I opened the packaging, I found that the mask sheet is so thick that I didn't realize that is two pieces something like paper to protect the front and back of the mask. You have to take out the paper pieces then only can apply to your face. The mask is not in fabric (I means like cloth) that normally mask is, the mask is something like jelly. Yes, It really look like jelly.

Before I try out the mask, I was though that the mask will not have any effect to my face but I'm totally wrong ! After 25 minutes, I take down the mask and there was still some serum remain on my face, the serum absorb quite fast into my face and I didn't feel any sticky or oily on my face. I feel my face so so so hydrating and smooooooooth ! It's real ! I keep touch my face and repeat saying "My face so smooth" to my bf. The first mask that have immediate effect to my face ! I fall in love deeply with this mask.

This mask have an intimate design. Normally the fabric mask sheet apply to your face and you will find that the side of your nose is not cover properly by the mask right? As you can see from the photos below, that a small cut on the mask that make the mask can lie on your face so that all area can absorb the serum well and equally.

After I used the mask and I quickly go to their online shop to see the price of the mask, unfortunately, the promotion ended and back to original price. It cost RM89.9. The previous promotion price is RM59.90. So sad. =( It is quite expensive for me and I can't afford the price. The box contains 5 pieces of mask. There are 5 types of mask. I wish I can try out the other 4 types of mask but I really can't afford the price. =(

You must try the mask ! It's really work on my face ! But the effect will be different from different face condition. But at least it work on my face. =)

They have their promotion now, when you purchased 3 pieces of mask + serum + scrub, you will get a free cleanser. It cost RM89.90 !

Hanna & Kent Website: http://www.hanna-kent.com/
Hanna & Kent FB: http://www.hanna-kent.com/

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  1. i like the texture of the mask! But too bad it is so expensive :(

    1. Yes. Expensive for me too.
      Can't afford to buy it but I wish to try other type mask from this brand =(

  2. haha wow sumore got mask for after party use! haha