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 Hi, dearies, I'm here new to beauty world starting with my beauty blog. But, I have to tell the world that my English vocabulary and grammar are too too too bad and poor especially my grammar. I don't know what i had learned since kindergarten until now. =( Too bad. So, you will see many English errors in my blog and please forgive me as well. And so I don't know how to use very deeply words so my blog post will use simple, simple and simple words to write out my feeling. Lastly, please forgive me for my poor english. =(

Ohya! All the pictures i taken and uploaded to this blog is using New iPad and Samsung Galaxy Ace because I didn't own a camera. Too expensive and out of my budget as I still a poor student. But I will try my best to captured the photo in clearest way so you can see it clearly. Some maybe a bit low quality, hmmmm.... I means like with some tiny white spots and so on.

Have to start with my first blog post now. I have too much to talk. =P

Firstly, I started to my beauty blog because of beauty box! I started to subscribe it every month but due to limited budget i just can choose 2 or 3 boxes out of 8 to subscribe its every month. But, I like the surprise when I open the boxes! The feeling is awesome and wonderful ! Full of expecting and surprise ! Normally a beauty box always make my whole day feel happy.

I had subscribed for Mivva, Modbox, Bag of Love and The Lilac Box in August. But I chosen The Lilac Box as my first blog post. Why? First subscribed to this box and this box is amazing! The crew claim that they are the premium-brand beauty box in Malaysia. Alright, I admitted this ! It's totally true ! Lets look about what is inside the box.

They used hard cardboard to wrapped the box. Actually this is the first time I saw seller used cardboard to wrap boxes. But it's OK for me at least I received my box in good condition. Ohya! When I teared off the courier bags, i saw a hard cardboard and i feel depressed because i though they will used a nicely box. But after I open the cardboard, I saw a black solid box and I was so happy ! Many beauty box sellers are using bubble wrapper to wrap the box but sometime the box deliver to you is already broke. How sad it is.

A solid box which the box is very hard to broke it. The very high quality box i received so far. Many subscribers may face the box deliver to you is already "kek mek" (means uneven, broke). Yeah! I face this problem before too. But I received this box in very good condition, no "kek mek" at all ! Love this box so much, can put all my collection inside it.

Before I take off the ribbon on it, I suddenly saw "Jimmy Choo" this brand new is printed on the ribbon. Then I was thinking inside the box will have Jimmy Choo's sample or product in it. Yes, I'm correct! There are two items in it ! Woohoo!

Tadaaaaa ! Revealed the secret of Box 4 ! Oh no ! There are 9 items in it !

Here are the items:

1. OPI Nail Lacquer (Full-size) 15ml RM63
2. Cratree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Hand Therapy 25g (Full Size) RM30
3. Loreal Professional Hair Shampoo 100ml
4. Loreal Professional Hair Mask 75ml
5. SOTHYS Paris Light Hydrating Cream 15ml
6. SOTHYS Paris Hydra-nourishing Mask 15ml
7. Loreal Professional Strong Hold Hairspray 100ml
8. Jimmy Choo Perfume- Flash 2ml
9. Jimmy Choo Perfume 2ml

Great right?

First of all, I want to talk about OPI Nail Lacquer. When I first opened the box, I was shocked when I saw the OPI ! Oh no ! It's OPI ! Do you know how much it cost for each small bottle? RM63 !!!! I have some OPI Nail Lacquer in my collection, I bought them in RM50. How expensive it is ! I received the orange colour. I don't know its theme name. >< If you are OPI user, you will know how the nail lacquer is. Super fast dry, very easy to apply on nail (TRUE). Really very easy for application. I love this so much ! Thanks Lilac box and OPI !

The next would be Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy. Newly launched scent. Its Tarocco Orange ! I like the orange scent, so sweet ! This hand therapy is ultra-moisturising, so smooth and soft. And in small size easy to bring out. Some treat going to share with you. When you open the cap, you will found that the cream will squeezed out without pressing it. Now you just have to press the both side of the package then the cream will go into the pack. Easy right?

I had try out the Loreal hair shampoo but haven't try out the mask. Two words to describe the hair shampoo: Smooth and soft ! You gonna try out this ! I will try the mask soon. =P

SOTHYS Paris Light Hydrating Cream, this cream is hydrating. I never heard this brand before so it is quite new for me. I try to used this on the first day i received it. Not bad. For the mask, I feel smooth and supple on my face. Not bad too. Going to use it more frequent to see the result.

Loreal Paris Strong Hold Hairspray- I didn't set my hair before going out so I didn't try this item. (I'm in short hair) So, I going to let my boyfriend try it and tell me how the feel. I don't know this items is in full size or not. I'm too lazy to search for it >< Forgive me....

Lastly, the perfume of Jimmy Choo ! When i opened the box, I can smelled the scent from the perfume. Nice scent ! I so love the scent ! Both of the scent are nice and can last for a long period. Finally, I can try this premium brand ! Thanks again ! =D

Hope you enjoy reading and thank for your support !
Highly appreciate it ! =D

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  1. 支持支持下。。。
    我到现在还在看我要subscribe哪一个beauty box。

    1. 可以考虑看看自己的budget大概在哪里
      The Lilac Box 不是每个月都有的,下个Box 5应该要1-2个月才有
      我本身是固定买Bag of Love 和 Mivva Box
      如果怕里面的samples会不喜欢可以考虑Modbox或Vanity Trove
      它们现在有得customize自己的beauty box哦 =)

      希望可以帮到你 =)